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HANA TaeKwonDO is dedicated to enhancing our community and its citizens through  Discipline and Self Control. We believe the greatest achievement in life only comes with 

Discipline and Self Control.  

If you are looking for a fun, educational, new activity for your 4 or 5 years old, the Little Tigers classes at HANA Tae Kwon Do is the one for you!

Our kid/early teen program has been designed to help your child to have successful life. Your child will be able to accomplish this by enhancing his/her physical, mental, and moral development through the training at HANA Tae Kwon Do.

Most of our adult/late teen students have no prior experiences in

Tae Kwon Do. They visit our schools for various reasons, such as weight control, relieving stress, learning self-defense, or developing self-confidence.

Our leadership program is directed to students who are 11+ and have a passion or interest in building leadership skills through assisting our staffed masters. We believe this program will encourage students to become model citizens and leaders in all areas of their life.

DISCIPLINE is the Most Powerful Weapon which you can use to CHANGE the WORLD

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Thanks for visiting. We're confident you and/or your child will enjoy learning TaeKwonDo from HANA Taekwondo Academy. 
HANA Tae Kwon Do

Thanks for visiting. We're confident you and/or your child will enjoy learning Tae Kwon Do from

HANA Tae Kwon Do.

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