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In HANA TaeKwonDo, Master Won No will help you establish Self-Confidence, Discipline, Physical fortitude, and Self-Control. These characteristics are the real focus during training in the authentic martial arts tradition.

While these qualities are easy to talk about; to instill them in today's youth and our life styles is not an easy task. With so much discussion about getting fit, the core purpose of real martial arts practice has been lost in many studios, but that's not the case with HANA TaeKwonDo. At HANA TaeKwonDo, we take pride in setting our educational and motivational focus on the aforementioned qualities. 

Master Won provides more to his students than a place to work out after school. It is our hope that you will allow us to take you on this journey to stronger self- confidence and accomplishment through our program. 

Master Won will put in his best efforts to make you the best you can be. You will always have strong support at HANA TaeKwonDo. 

Practice hard and you will soon accomplish far more than you thought you could do at HANA TaeKwonDo with Master Won.

Our Mission


Our Mission

HANA TaeKwonDO is dedicated to enhancing our community and its citizens through  Discipline and Self Control. We believe the greatest achievement in life only comes with 

Discipline and Self Control.  

Our Vision


Make differences in your life NOW!

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