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We offer classes for every level, and each class is 40 minutes long. We staff our classes with several instructors so that our students can have individual attention. Our student's unique experience in the class is our number one priority. 


Each session includes exercises to develop balance, coordination, gross motor skills, focus, respect, and self-confidence. They will learn these skills through running, jumping, kicking, and having a great time while improving their athleticism and the enjoying being physically active.

Our Little Tigers instructors are friendly, encouraging, patient, and have plenty of experience working with children in this age group. Classes are safe, positive, and exciting! Our philosophy is to develop their self-confidence through encouragement, praise, and motivating them to believe in themselves. We use a variety of different drills, training tools, and teaching methods to keep classes varied and fun.


At HANA Tae Kwon Do, we provide Little Tigers:

  • A structured learning environment

  • Patient, enthusiastic, positive minded instructors

  • An early introduction to life skills for building life-long habits

  • A great outlet to burn off excess energy

  • Increased focus and self-control

  • Flexible class schedule


Class time will depend on belt level

Students will work on their strength, flexibility and endurance. Their coordination, reflexes, and athletic skills will also be enhanced. Best of all, they will love learning Taekwondo kicks, forms, and self-defense techniques. Our HANA Tae Kwon Do instructors are patient and experts at motivating children while keeping class fun. HANA Tae Kwon Do will also help your child build valuable characteristic such as Courtesy, integrity, humility, respect, self-control, courage, and power. The journey to Black Belt will challenge them to set and achieve goals and aforementioned characteristics will harmonically grow as a result.

At HANA Taekwondo, your child will learn:

·      Courtesy and Respect

·      Physical, Mental, Moral Self-Defense

·      Better Focus and Concentration skills

·      How to relax, focus, and maintain your control

·      Coordination and the benefits of exercise

·      Perseverance and value of sticking to a goal

·      Self-esteem

·      Flexible class schedule


At HANA Taekwondo, you and your child will learn:

  • Courtesy and Respect

  • Being healthier and stronger

  • Being smarter and wiser

  • being confident and loving yourself

  • being a better leader and more content

Make differences in your life NOW!

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